We help your business establish how innovation and sustainability can drive growth and profitability. We apply our 10 years of experience from the public, non-profit, and private sectors, to identify opportunities outside the normal focus of your company. We work with our global network, to identify market opportunities for existing products, as well as new revenue streams for your business.

Noble can assist existing business units in analysing products, services, and activities for opportunities to expand and develop new and sustainable ideas and approaches.

Noble will help you answer questions like these

Can Sustainability be part of my business development strategy, as well as a key part of my communication and PR ?

Cradle-to-Cradle: Which parts of my revenue stream can be made to deliver even more value over time, by thinking sustainability into my business model ?

How do I pivot from CSR as a cost, to Sustainable Business Innovation as part of my strategic value chain ? 

We do this by

- Assisting your CSR department identify which initiatives could/should be developed to move your company forward towards sustainability. This includes analysis of new and existing products, services, markets, customers and partners.

- If sustainability is new to your company we help you define how to get started and what roadmap will lead you to results both short and long-term

Case story: Novozymes

Working with Novozymes we helped develop an idea and  create a concept note for an integrated business approach to the global market for Sustainable Urbanization. The concept was well received, and has been taken forward in Novozymes development process.

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