Nynne Rankløve



I spent the past 15 years applying my skill set to a broad range of situation. From project management in the movie industry to raising funds for refugees in Africa and Haiti.
I create solutions and results on a global scale, as well as through localized projects in communities at the edge of the world. I know what it takes to make projects work at global and local scale.
My experience comes from the private sector, innovative NGOs, and the UN. I have championed sustainability in the spheres of conservation, employment, and the rights of women and children.
In a global society I believe we need profitable companies, driven by the desire to have an impact, to build and drive frontier markets toward our shared future.

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Peter Bernstorff

+45 27 20 77 02

I thrive when helping others solve problems, and improve their businesses.
I get excited by innovation, sustainable impact ventures, and successful partnerships.
I've travelled and worked in Europe, Africa,and the US, helping partners implement more effective solutions to their needs. I've worked with stakeholders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors, and helped all those parties create results together.
I believe in the ability of the consultant to see things from a distance, offer new perspectives, ask critical questions, and ultimately help the client create greater value.

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